"Huge hours, dedication and passion are behind the training and planning that goes into this challenge. From the Taupo Maxi 640km non stop through the K-4, 15 hour 400km endurance event, to the Mt Taranaki 300km (twice round the mountain) record breaking ride and weekly (often daily) eight hour training rides stretching from from Waiuku to Miranda to Coromandel and beyond - as well as on the ground  specialist NeuroPhysics Therapy and simulated High-Altitude Training - I feel absolutely ready, fizzing and can't wait to 'press go' and to start The Long White Ride™ world record breaking attempt - 6:00:00am, 07 April, Cape Reinga Lighthouse".

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The Ride

The Long White Ride™ was first conceived and ridden by the late Ross Bush in 1972.

Since then this iconic ride has been completed by Rob Scott in 1993, and the legendary Colin Anderson in 2007. 


In 2017 the record was broken by Craig Harper who completed the ride in an incredible 4 days, 9 hours and 45 minutes. It was Craig harper who in 2017 named the iconic event The Long White Ride™.

All the successful competitors have abided by the same rules, and it is these rules under which Joanna will also participate, as she looks to become the first woman to compete and set a Guinness and womens world record in the process.


Joanna and crew would like to give Craig Harper a huge ‘shout-out’ for graciously allowing them to use the Long White Ride concept, name and race format in their attempt for the womens and overall world record.
The Long White Ride™ commences at the Light House in Cape Reinga at 6:00:00am 07 April - and avoiding motorways, takes the fastest route by road between the start and finish point at Bluff light house.

Once the 'clock starts ticking', it doesn't stop until the finish point.  Joanna's goal is to continuously cycle 'with as little time off the bike as possible'.  This could mean up to 22 hours at a time in the saddle and using the fastest route across 'the Cook Straight' possible to save time - Kapiti heliworx™ will be on hand to jump Joanna and her bike over the straight.

The challenge is both physically and mentally demanding, and it is this difficulty that Joanna hopes will encourage others to follow her journey and therein increase support for Bowel Cancer New Zealand.
Joanna took up cycling in 2013 having been diagnosed with a degenerative bone disorder accentuated by bone fracturing from previous sports. Joanna took up the challenge to cycle competitively - a sport she had never competed in prior to her diagnosis.


Say Joanna "Over the years I have found that I just love adventures.  I’m not as excited by a win or a podium as I am by the 'challenge' of achieving something that is seemingly impossible, and to challenge myself to do what most think is insurmountable.  And so my love of ultra-distance cycling has grown.  I’ve had some great adventures in the saddle; represented New Zealand, stood on my fair share of podiums and set a few records along the way, it’s been one awesome ride already”.
This year Joanna has decided to use her sport of cycling, and the profile that a crazy adventure can create, to help build awareness and support for Bowel Cancer New Zealand - and from this, "a plan was born".  


A large part of the inspiration for the ride came about when a very good friend of Joanna's, Britt Mill was diagnosed with terminal bowel cancer in 2017 after 6 years of miss-diagnosis.  Joanna had her own scare in 2019, and it was these experiences that spurred her on to do all she can to improve awareness and early diagnosis of bowel cancer.  Joanna hopes to prevent other people experiencing miss-diagnosis and therefor avoid the prognosis of terminal Bowel Cancer, as experienced by her close friend Britt.

Bowel cancer, whilst being our second largest cancer killer, is in most cases ‘treatable’ assuming diagnosis and intervention happens early.  We encourage all New Zealanders to keep a check on your Bowel Health and consult a medical professional if you have any concerns or symptoms. Contact Bowel Cancer New Zealand for more information on the signs and symptoms of bowel cancer.

Joanna will benefit from the support of a dedicated on-road team of drivers, mechanics, masseuse, nutritionists, media, logistics , supporters, flag wavers and sponsors. All The Long White Ride™ Sponsors and Crew wish Joanna 'god-speed', 'much aroha' and 'hauora' as she takes on this fabulous ultra endurance cycling challenge.


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