• Joanna Sharpe

He ara roa. He ora roa - our journey, our passion, our hope.

Is it only 6 months to go.......again...... until we embank on our journey to raise awareness for Bowel Cancer New Zealand and set a new world record cycling the length of this beautiful country!

It seems more timely than ever now that we plan to take on this adventure as we are all being encouraged to visit our own backyards, enjoy this beautiful country of the Long White Cloud, a land enjoyed, celebrated and protected for centuries. A country with such rich history and culture.

Our journey is one to bring awareness to the whole country, to ensure as many people as possible can be spared from terminal diagnosis and lead long happy lives enjoying our piece of paradise. For that reason we were excited and blessed beyond belief when MANAvations Turaukawa Bartlet saw our story and felt the same passion as we as a crew all do.

MANAvation’s, Turaukawa Bartlett is a wonderful person with a real passion for our culture and Aotearoa. He kindly gifted the taonga – term ‘He awa roa. He ora roa’ in recognising the true essence of what the "the long white ride” stands for; embarking on a journey to realise the potential to inform and prevent bowel cancer so all of Aotearoa can live longer flourishing lives.

This is what he had to saw about the beautiful gift bestowed upon us and how the taonga came to him.

The Long white ride speaks to the 'Te Awaroa track’ from the tip of New Zealand Cape Reinga in the North to the Far South of Bluff. The immense distance to be travelled is also one of connection to the whenua - land and strongly connects with the 'why' – what is driving Joanna (and others) taking on this challenge

MANAvation came to the understanding that the 'motivation and journey itself' are ‘intertwined' and ‘this brings the true meaning’ behind the LWR.

Therefore when we look to the phrase, we see the following...

He ara roa - a long journey

He ora roa - a long flourishing life

"He ara roa. He ora roa” - To celebrate and communicate the long journey being undertaken, so others can enjoy a long flourishing life.

MANAvation are specialists in building cultural confidence across Aotearoa and believe that every person who calls Aotearoa home has the potential to embrace their cultural confidence by utilising te reo Māori as a pathway of connection. You can find more on MANAvation by clicking through to their LinkedIN profile on our home page.

The whole crew are so proud of this taonga and so grateful to Turaukawa for gift. I know you too will find it just as beautiful as we do. Please show your support for MANAvation by following them and finding out more. If ever there was a time to be proud of our New Zealand team of 5 million and our rich heritage its now.

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