• Joanna Sharpe

4 weeks and counting!

Its 4 weeks to go until my epic crew and I set off on our adventure, to raise awareness for Bowel Cancer New Zealand and to set a world record along the way.

As you can see, Im a little excited, you want to know why?

Im excited to make a difference,if I can help save one person from a terminal bowel cancer diagnosis because of increased awareness then all the difficulties this entails will be worth it.

Im excited to challenge myself and really see what Im made of under such an extreme situation.

Im also excited to experience something extraordinary with my crew of mates, I mean what memories well make seeing this beautiful country from top to bottom. I feel so lucky to have been given this opportunity and I intend to make the most of every moment.

So I wanted to thank you for checking out our site. Im grateful for any support and encouragement you are able to give us be that donating to Bowel Cancer New Zealand, (using the donation page linked to this site), learning about bowel cancer so you can share with your friends and family what to look out for or even planning to follow us live and meet us along the way to cheer, wave flags or throw me a snack!

Over the next four weeks Id like to share a little about what it takes for us all to get to the start line, myself the crew and the sponsors who've come on board. That way you can see and read a bit about what we have been through to get here. I can assure you its taken ALOT of hours in the saddle, mental preparation and logistics already with more to come yet.

It would be super to hear from you too so please feel free to contact us via this website, or on Facebook and Instagram and ask any questions you like bring it on, the good the bad and the ugly....I cant promise the answers will be pretty but they will be honest.

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